Vaccinations and Vaccine Serology for Cats and Dogs

The days of automatic annual booster vaccinations should now be behind us.

We prefer to focus on disease prevention, and try to keep the number of vaccines given to a minimum whilst maintaining effective protection. This is done by using long duration vaccines together with blood testing where appropriate to check your pet’s level of immunity. You can call us on 0207 723 0453¬†for more information.

Hyde Park Veterinary Centre’s Vaccine Regime:


The core essential vaccinations are now against Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus only. Once we have given the puppy vaccines, we will recommend a blood test at around 16 weeks to check that your dog has fully responded. Thereafter, an annual checkup is all that is required to make sure they are still protected.

Many dogs will get years of protection from a single vaccine, the only problem is we can’t tell just by looking at them. A simple blood test (it’s called vaccine serology or titre testing) will tell us if or when your dog needs a booster injection.

There are also vaccines available against Kennel cough and Leptospirosis: we suggest that the decision about whether to vaccinate or not is based on a risk assessment of your pet’s state of health and lifestyle.

Rabies vaccination is only given to dogs that will be travelling out of the UK.


The core essential vaccines are for Cat Flu and Feline Enteritis (Panleucopenia). These are first given when they are kittens and we then advise booster vaccinations according to their lifestyle (indoor vs outdoor, frequency of cattery visits etc) and therefore their likely exposure to infection. Unfortunately, vaccine titre tests are not yet very reliable for cats.

The Leukaemia vaccination is strongly recommended for young cats that go outdoors.

Rabies vaccination is only given to cats that will be travelling out of the UK.