Training & Behaviour

It’s not just about trying to teach old dogs (or cats) new tricks…

It’s quite a big ask to expect our pets to be able to adapt comfortably, all the time, to the lives we choose for them. In fact, when you consider the amount of time and effort that we as their owners put into socialising, sport, mindfulness, therapy and other activities to try to make our urban lives more satisfying, it’s a miracle that most pets do as well as they do.

Health issues or conflict between character, instinct and our lifestyles can lead to behaviour that we then consider to be problematic. This can include aggression, aversion to being left alone, inconvenient toileting behaviour, destructiveness, ‘disobedience’, excessive noisiness and many other undesirable traits.

Being the perfect pet is difficult for them if we don’t keep them in good health, create a reasonable environment and then give them clear indications about what we’d like them to do in it. Our role as your vets is to help identify any medical or health problems and then use our knowledge and experience of pet behaviour to help you develop more healthy and satisfying lives for them.

All of our staff are very experienced in dealing with behavioural problems in pets, so if you need any help or guidance, you can call us on 0207 723 0453, either to book an appointment or for a preliminary chat with one of our qualified veterinary nurses. We also have access to a number of very experienced trainers and behaviour specialists if required.

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