Parasite Control

Parasite Treatment

We all want to keep our pets healthy, and part of this involves treating any parasites that may be a threat to their health or to the health of the people around them.

The main parasites we worry about in central London are:

Intestinal Roundworms:

A significant proportion of dogs (5%) and even more cats (35%) carry intestinal roundworms. Quite apart from any effects on our pets, these are a potential human health issue, particularly for children, so they should be treated regularly.


Most veterinary clinics have seen cases and some affected animals will die before treatment can be effective, so regular treatment or testing is very important.


Surprisingly, we don’t see very many cases of fleas at our clinic, so we prefer to treat them as and when we find them.


Also a rarity in central London. Ticks can potentially carry serious diseases that can affect both people and animals, so we do need to be careful and treat them promptly when found. Pets going to Richmond Park, Hampstead Heath or areas of the countryside where there are sheep and wildlife are much more at risk and should be monitored and treated for ticks regularly.

Intestinal Tapeworms:

More common in cats that hunt or pets with fleas, so the frequency of treatment depends on their lifestyle.

What none of us want to do is to over-treat the animals around us. Used carelessly, parasite treatments can harm the animals and insects in the environment, cause toxicity in the patient or contribute to the development of drug resistance in the parasite population, just as has been the case with antibiotics and the rise of the super-bugs.

But parasites can be a serious threat to the health or our pets. We would prefer to treat each animal as an individual, assess the risks and where possible shift the emphasis towards testing and then treating what we find.

We’d be happy to put together a parasite treatment plan specific for your pets. Why not call us on 020 7723 0453 and speak to one of our nurses or book your appointment here.