Osteopathy & Homeopathy


Osteopathic treatment for animals has been an important part of our work at Hyde Park Vets for nearly 20 years. It is regularly used as part of our management of cases of neck pain, back problems, lameness and other movement disorders. Our senior patients often benefit greatly from osteopathic treatment to alleviate some of the natural consequences of old age.

Osteopathy is a very gentle physical therapy. Where injury, illness or age is causing reduced mobility or pain, it can help reduce discomfort and restore more normal function by improving the balance and equilibrium in the framework of the body.

Nadine Hobson has a huge amount of experience as an osteopath and has been treating pets every Tuesday afternoon at the clinic for almost 20 years. She is very involved in the training of osteopaths to work with animals, and is a major co-author of the definitive soon-to-be-published textbook ‘Osteopathy for Animals’.

If you think your pet might benefit from osteopathic treatment, call us on 0207 723 0453 to either book an appointment or discuss your case with a veterinary nurse. If your pet is currently registered at another clinic, you will need to ask your vet for a referral letter before your osteopathic appointment at Hyde Park Vets.

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Homeopathy is one of the most widely used systems of medicine in the world and it has been an important part of our clinical work at the Hyde Park Vets since we first started here back in 1998.

Homeopathy uses minute dilutions of herbs and minerals to treat a wide range of physical and behavioural problems and our veterinary Homeopath, Lise Hansen, has been using this system of medicine exclusively for over 20 years. She is a best selling author on natural medicine for dogs and also works at a very busy veterinary clinic in Denmark. She comes to the HPVC once a month for consultations.

Our experience is that homeopathy can be especially useful in the management of conditions such as skin allergies, digestive disorders and behavioural problems.

If you would like a homeopathic consultation for your pet, please call us on 0207 723 0453 to book an appointment with Lise. If you are currently registered at another clinic, you will need to ask your vet for a referral letter before your appointment.

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