Lise Hansen DVM MRCVS CertIAVH PCHom

Dr Lise Hansen DVM MRCVS

Vet and Homeopath

Coming from Denmark, I took my veterinary qualification in Copenhagen in 1993 and soon after graduating moved to the UK, where I undertook another 5 years of study (this time in Homeopathy) with the HPTG ( Homeopathic Physicians Teaching Group) followed by the homeopathic postgraduate course, Dynamis.
By the end of the last millenium, I had found my path and chosen to focus my work on the homeopathic treatment of chronically ill dogs and cats. I remain utterly excited about what homeopathy can do for my patients.
Today I am back living in Denmark, where I write, speak and practice homeopathy – while still thoroughly enjoying being a part of the team at HPVC, only a short(ish) commute away.