You can review some of our recent testimonials below.

Mark Leadbetter

Huge thanks for your help and support over the years with Mowgli. A combined effort kept him with us way beyond our hopes and we enjoyed almost every moment with our dear old pup.

18th January 2018

Jolene Allen

Very kind and helpful to my pup.

18th January 2018

Christopher Englinde

I've moved around Europe with our dogs (they are originally from Sweden) and this is the best vet I've been in contact with! I highly recommend them!

2nd December 2017

Dawne Likhodedova

We’ve been visiting Hyde Park Vet since 2007. Professional team, taking the absolute best care of my little dog while being flexible and supportive of her owner. Highly recommend.

23rd November 2017

Dr Dorothy Lobel King

The best vet in London. Andrew is excellent with terriers, but my terrier adores Odile so we tend to go to her. I've recommended this vet to many people, and everyone who has switched to them gives them full marks and in turn recommends them. They have literally brought back to health some of my friends' dogs, which other vets had practically butchered. What more can anyone ask for from veterinarians? They heal animals and they do it well! They actively participate in local events - the Blessing of the Horses, the Connaught Street summer fair (their dog show is great fun) - and they are an integral part of the community. Their shop next door to the main practice has a great selection of food, treats, toys, and other animal accoutrements, which are well priced and not subject to the usual ridiculous mark-ups. Some humans are very enthusiastic about homeopathy and "alternative" treatments; I am not. Whilst it is wonderful that the Hyde Park Vets offer them for animals, they are also fine with animal owners who politely state that they don't want them.

22nd November 2017

Ulf Samuelsson

Another very positive experience from a visit, which could have bern much more painful as we have a very vet-anxious (loudly barking) big dog.

7th February 2017