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Brushing Teeth CroppedBoth cats and dogs start teething at around 5 months and should have a complete set of adult teeth by 6 months of age. If the temporary teeth are not lost naturally (common in some breeds), they will need to be removed under a short anaesthetic.

As a result of their anatomy, breeding, lifestyle and diet, many cats & dogs accumulate plaque, bacteria and calculus on their teeth. Their gums respond by becoming inflamed, painful and smelly. Bacteria from the mouth spread easily in the bloodstream and are an important source of infection elsewhere in the body. Inflammation around the teeth leads to gum recession, pain, root exposure and eventually tooth loss.

Dental disease is one of the commonest health problems for adult cats and dogs. Over 75% of cats & dogs over 6 years old are affected by painful dental disease, so we actively promote good dental care through appropriate feeding, plaque control and regular tooth cleaning at home. A more thorough tooth cleaning under general anaesthetic has huge health and welfare benefits for pets with periodontal disease.

If you call us on 020 7723 0453, you can book a Dental Health check with one of our veterinary nurses or a full oral health consultation with one of our veterinary surgeons.

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