4-Behaviour 1Owning a pet in the middle of a big city can present its own special challenges: our aim is to try to make pet ownership easier for you.

The large majority of our feline patients are fully indoor cats and happy about it, but some are very sensitive and territorial and need to be managed especially carefully to minimise the chance of developing neurotic or anxiety-related problems. Multi-cat households, homes with both cats and dogs, homes with young children or where owners are out a lot present particular issues where we can help.

We like to think that many dogs in London have better manners and social skills than their country cousins, thanks in part to our wonderful parks and the opportunities these offer for healthy socialising. Unfortunately, there are plenty of dogs whose anxiety or anti-social behaviour can make everyday life a bit of a trial both for them and their human companions. We are happy to offer advice at any stage and have a great network of reliable trainers, behaviourists, walkers and boarding facilities.

We want our patients to feel at ease during their visits to the clinic and we go out of our way to reassure them. Social calls are welcome at any time! Oh, and no one likes injections, so we try to avoid giving them unless absolutely necessary.

If your pet's behaviour is causing you or them some challenges, you might want to come and see Simon Hill our pet behaviour vet. For all consultation enquiries please call us on 020 7723 0453. It's surprising what can be done to help with stressful problem behaviour.

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